Introduction to the Grayway Rotating Drain

In 1991 actress Melanie Chartoff conceived a device that would permit the reuse of shower and sink water. With the help of business partner Michael Bell, Inventor Ron Ford and Engineer Timothy Nicely, the device for water reclamation has been patented and readied for manufacture.

The GRAYWAY ROTATING DRAIN, a graywater recycling device, can save a homeowner about 21% off water bills by utilizing shower water for irrigation. An additional 3% of household water, commonly lost from leaking toilets, would also be saved.

Example: if a family of 4 showers 5 minutes per day, at 3 gallons per minute: gallons per minute time minutes per day equals 60 gallons. 60 gallons times 365 days equals 21,900 gallons of water which could be used for root irrigation or toilet flushing. The Rotating Drain makes that reuse possible.

For a 30-second QuickTime animation of the Grayway Rotating Drain, click here.

Michael Bell, Melanie Chartoff and Timothy Nicely, the principals of GRAYWAY, are committed to the future of water conservation, and can provide a profitable asset to that cause. Intent on educating the public on using treated graywater practically and safely, Bell and Chartoff have invested over $20,000 on the Rotating Drain patenting process, research and development. Mr. Nicely has dedicated the last several years to the project and will continue to stay involved in an advisory capacity.

Melanie Chartoff, co-inventor of the GRAYWAY ROTATING DRAIN, is an actress whose credits range from Broadway and Late Night Comedy to currently playing two roles on the RUGRATS films and TV shows. She supports the education of two girls through Save the Children, and promotes many ecological causes with her entertainment earnings. For Melanie's other credits, go to

Michael Bell, co-Inventor of the GRAYWAY ROTATING DRAIN, is an actor whose career spans over 30 years. His credits range from guest starring roles, episodic television to providing the voices for over a 1000 animated shows and films, interactive games and radio and tv commercials. Mr. Bell, a vegetarian and staunch environmentalist, fund raises for animal welfare organizations and conservation groups. For more information on Mr. Bell go to

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